Mandela: The legend and the Legacy

Weet dis ‘n lang stuk die ouens, maar vir my was dit so interessant ek kon nie ophou lees nie. Wonder wie is die Sarah…

(As jy enigsins ‘n trotse Afrikaanssprekende is, sal jy die tyd neem om dit te lees…Pagoda32)

Part 1

This two part article appeared on the blog of Sarah

Sarah is an Englishwoman endowed with an incisive and razor-sharp understanding of South Africa ‘s recent history. Unlike so many millions of brain-washed lemmings in the UK , she sees right through the media-contrived smoke & mirrors, lies and myths as propounded by the MSM.

By Sarah, Maid of Albion

It is often said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, however, this usually means that the other man has been less than fastidious in his choice of hero, or that the ‘freedom fighter’ in question was on the crowd pleasing side.

On the 27th of June, London’s Hyde Park will play host to a concert in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday and we can be assured that it will receive wall to wall coverage by a star struck and worshipping media, who will continue to laud Mandela as one of the greatest, or indeed the greatest, heroes of our time.

No doubt the beaming old man will appear on stage in one of his trademark multi-coloured shirts and cheerily acknowledge the cheers of the adoring crowd, most of whom have been taught to believe in his sainthood since their first days in primary school, which, for many of them, will have occurred around the same time their hero walked free from Robben Island.

The unquestioning belief in Mandela’s universally admired saintliness will again be displayed in the press and by the unending line of politicians and dignitaries who will queue up to genuflect before him and sing his praises. It is a brave politician or journalist who would dare to question the godliness of this legend and consummate showman, and hence no such questions will be raised, nor will his much vaunted ‘achievements’ be subjected to any objective scrutiny.

No matter how many speeches are given or how many news articles are written, it is safe to bet that the full truth about Mandela will not be told.

In fact the truth about Mandela is so hidden in mythology and misinformation that most know nothing about him prior to Robben island, and those who do tend to exercise a form of self censorship, designed to bolster the myth whilst consigning uncomfortable facts into the mists of history.

For most people all they know about Mandela, prior to his release in 1990, was that he had spent 27 years in prison and was considered by many on the left at the time (and almost everyone now) to be a political prisoner. However, Mandela was no Aung San Suu Kyi, he was not an innocent, democratically elected leader, imprisoned by an authoritarian government.

Mandela was the terrorist leader of a violent terrorist organisation, the ANC (African National Congress) which was responsible for many thousands of, mostly black, deaths. The ANC’s blood spattered history is frequently ignored, but reminders occasionally pop up in the most embarrassing places, indeed as recently as this month the names of Nelson Mandela and most of the ANC remained on the US government’s terrorist watch list along with al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Tamil Tigers. Of course the forces of political correctness are rushing to amend that embarrassing reminder from the past. However, Mandela’s name was not on that list by mistake, he was there because of his Murderous past.

Before I am accused of calumny, it should be noted that Mandela does not seek to hide his past, in his autobiography ‘the long walk to Freedom’ he casually admits ‘signing off’ the 1983 Church Street bombing carried out by the ANC and killing 19 innocent people whilst injuring another 200.

It is true that Mandela approved that massacre and other ANC killings from his prison cell, and there is no evidence that he personally killed anyone but the same could be said about Stalin or Hitler, and the violent history of the ANC, the organisation he led is not in question.

According to the Human Rights Commission it is estimated that during the Apartheid period some 21,000 people were killed, however both the UN Crimes against Humanity commission and South Africa’s own Truth and Reconciliation Commission are in agreement that in those 43 years the South African Security forces killed a total of 518 people. The rest, (some 92%) were accounted for by Africans killing Africans, many by means of the notorious and gruesome practice of necklacing whereby a car tyre full of petrol is placed around a victim’s neck and set alight. This particularly cruel form of execution was frequently carried out at the behest of the ANC with the enthusiastic support of Mandela’s demonic wife Winnie.

The brutal reappearance of the deadly necklace in recent weeks is something I shall reluctantly focus upon later.

Given that so much blood was on the hands of his party, and, as such, the newly appointed government, some may conclude that those who praised Mandela’s mercy and forgiveness, when the Truth and Reconciliation tribunal set up after he came to power, to look into the Apartheid years, did not include a provision for sanctions, were being deliberately naive.

Such nativity is not uncommon when it comes to the adoring reporting of Nelson Mandela, and neither is the great leader himself rarely shy of playing up his image of fatherly elder statesman and multi-purpose paragon. However, in truth, the ANC’s conscious decision to reject a policy of non-violence, such as that chosen by Gandhi, in their struggle against the white government, had left them, and by extension, their leader, with at least as much blood on their hands as their one time oppressors, and this fact alone prevented them from enacting the revenge which might otherwise have been the case..

As the first post Apartheid president of South Africa it would, be unfair if not ludicrous to judge Mandela entirely on the basis of events before he came to power, and in any event there is many a respected world leader or influential statesman with a blood stained past so in the next part I shall examine Nelson Mandela’s achievements, and the events which have occurred in South Africa in the 14 short years since he took power in following the post Apartheid election in 1994.

Part 2

By Sarah,
Maid of Albion

In the second of two articles examining the life of Nelson Mandela, in advance of Friday’s concert in Hyde Park celebrating the living legend’s 90th birthday, I shall look at his legacy and the new South Africa which he created after coming to power on a surge of worldwide optimism and hope in 1994, when, following the end of Apartheid, he and his followers promised a new dawn for what became termed the
Rainbow Nation.

Today South Africa stands out as one of the most dangerous and crime ridden nations on Earth which is not actively at War. In 2001, only seven years after the end of Apartheid, whilst the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands with 5,6 murders per 100,000 population was declared the ‘murder capitol of Europe’, Johannesburg, with 61.2 murders per 100,00 population and remains the world’s top murder city.

In South Africa as a whole, the murder rate is seven times that of America, in terms of rape the rate is ten times as high and includes the ugly phenomenon of child rape, one of the few activities in which South Africa is now a world leader. If you don’t believe me, you can read what Oprah Winfrey has to say about it here.

All other forms of violent crime are out of control, and Johannesburg is among the top world cities for muggings and violent assault, a fact seldom mentioned in connection with the 2010 World Cup which is scheduled to be hosted in South Africa .

As always with black violence the primary victims are their fellow blacks, however, the rape, murder and violent assault of whites is a daily event, and there is more …..

As with the Matabeleland massacres, news of which the BBC, together with much of the world media suppressed for twenty years to protect their one time hero, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, another secret genocide is being ignored by the world media, the genocide of white Boer farmers, thousands of whom have been horribly tortured to death in their homes since the end of Apartheid. Anyone who clicks on this link should we warned that it includes some very gruesome images as the savagery of these attacks belie the authorities attempts to dismiss them as nothing more than a ‘crime wave’.

Given that it is now all but illegal in South Africa to report the race of either victim or the perpetrator of a crime (unless the perpetrator is white and the victim black) and as modern South Africa’s official crime statistics are notoriously massaged, it is impossible to know the exact numbers of farm murders that have taken place. Many reliable sources estimate the figure as close to 3,000, but even if we take the more conservative figure of 1,600 quoted in the politically correct South African press (but not quoted at all in ours) this is three times the numbers killed by the South African security forces over a period of 43 years, and which the UN calls a crime against humanity.

To put this in perspective, the population of South Africa is 47 million, (13 million less than Britain despite its far greater land mass) of which the 4.3 million whites account for 9.1%, about 1% less than the immigrant population of Britain . Can you imagine the outcry if 1,600 (let alone 3,000) members of a minority community in Britain were tortured to death by the native population?.

Yet when the victims are white, there is hardly a peep in the South African press and silence from the international media. Compare this to when a white youth is the killer, such as in the case of Johan Nel, who shot three Africans, a story which became instant world wide news with the predictable screams of racism and machete wielding mobs baying for his blood.

(And they accuse us of hate?!! Don’t such people nauseate themselves with their hypocrisy?!)

Crime aside, Mandela and his ANC inherited the strongest economy in Africa, indeed, despite economic sanctions, South Africa was still one of the richest world nations, and indeed initially there was a brief post Apartheid boom, resulting from the lifting of sanctions and due to the fact that until affirmative action forced most of the whites out of their jobs to be replaced by under qualified blacks, those who had built South Africa were still in place.

However, any optimism was to be short lived. Now, after just 14 years of rule by Mandela and his grim successor Mbeki, corruption is rife, the country is beset with power cuts and the infrastructure is crumbling.

The nation’s great cities like Durban and Johannesburg, which could once rival the likes of Sydney, Vancouver andSan Francisco, had descended in to decaying crime ridden slums within a decade.

And in the last few weeks we have seen the so called Rainbow nations ultimate humiliation, as xenophobic anti immigration violence spreads across the country. (‘xenophobic’ is what the media call racism when blacks do it) As poverty and unemployment explodes and is exacerbated by the floods of immigrants flooding in to escape the even more advanced Africanisation of the rest of the continent, the mobs turn on those they blame for stealing their jobs, their homes, and their women.

Thus the cycle turns, and, like watching some barbaric version of ‘back to the future’, on the news we see exactly the same scenes we saw on our televisions twenty years ago, wrecked buildings, burning vehicles, mobs brandishing machetes, axes and knives hacking at everything and everyone which comes within their reach. Most horrific of all, we see the return of that most savage symbol of African brutality, the necklace where, to the cheers of a blood thirsty crowd, some poor trembling soul, with a tire around his neck, is dragged from his home and set alight, exactly as all those other poor souls were set alight throughout the Apartheid years, when we were told it was all the evil white man’s fault.

As nothing else the return of the necklace exposes the failure of Mandela’s revolution, and those who fought for him should weep.

Under Apartheid, blacks and whites went to separate hospitals but they received world class health care, whatever their colour, now the facilities are collapsing or non-existent. Black children went to different schools than white children, but they received an education, something which is now a privileged luxury. When they grew up, their bosses may have been white, but they had jobs and a living wage, as the recent violence shows us, such security is but a memory for most South Africans.

Eighteen years after Nelson and Winnie made their historic walk towards the cameras, and 14 years, since Mandela assumed power on a tide of optimism, a once proud South Africa slides like a crumbling, crime ridden, wreck towards a precipice created through greed, corruption and incompetence.

For all his gleaming smiles, grandfatherly hand gestures, and folksy sound bites, tomorrow night, when crowd cheers the retired terrorist in the gaudy shirt, they would do best not to focus too closely upon his much admired legacy, as they might just find that the Xhosan Emperor has no clothes. For Nelson Mandela’s lasting achievement is that, in the face of a world wishing him well, he, and the party he leads, have shown the world that, for all its flaws, Apartheid was a more benign system than what replaced it, and that the average South African was immeasurably better off under the hated white rule than they are under the alternative which black rule has created.

That is quite an achievement, Mr Mandela, happy birthday.


24 Responses

  1. Annie – Goeie speurwerk suster. 😉

    Blixem! Ek is “woord-loos”…..

    Hierdie vrou MAG maar skryf.

  2. Koeks, ek wens so ons kon die stuk na al die internasionale koerante toe stuur, en ook die plaaslike koerante. Dit sal ‘n paar ouens se oë oopmaak

  3. Partydae voel dit asof ons net die partyhats en floppy shoes kan uithaal, want ons lyk verseker soos ‘n klomp clowns hier aan die Suidelike punt van Afrika 😦

  4. Beter kon ek dit nie sê nie.

  5. Jy’s reg Koeksister!

  6. Dit is die heilige waarheid.

  7. Wee julle, alhoewel daar baie waarheid in steek, kan mens nie 1 persoon blameer vir allie kak wat in die land aangaan nie.

  8. Dis waar Demoerin, maar ek dink nie die dame het enigsins al die blaam op hom gesit nie…eerder van die mites rondom die karakter verwyder en die huidige stand van sake in SA uitgelig sodat almal wat tans met oogklappe op loop in die buiteland so bietjie kan wakker skrik.

  9. Pagoda, ek lees dit ook so.

  10. Niks nuuts nie. Ek sou graag wou hoor van die alternatief. Hoe keer mens die skip wat in 1986 begin sink het? Vervang die Kaptein? Die skip sink steeds. As dit dan nou te veel na Nietszche klink, laat ek dan maar eerder met demoerin saamstem. Dis nie moontlik om die blaam vir die situasie aan die deur van een enkele faktor te plaas nie. So, Mandela het ‘n paar papietjies geteken? Het Malan, Verwoerd, Voster, Botha en De Klerk dan papiervliegtuigies gebou?

    Newton was al die tyd reg 😉

    Ai, ek bekommer my daagliks oor my jong seun, 17 maande oud, wie se tande met pyn uitkom, en ons in die nag wakker hou. O wee die dag as hy so bietjie seer het van die groeipynne 😉

    Wie het gesê grootword is maklik! 😆

    As dit maar net ‘n revolusie was!! Ons sou dan behoorlik op ‘n skoon bladsy kon begin het. Niks van die elite-compromise by CODESA, of die TRC sou oorgebly het. Ek is maar versigtig om die 1994 verkiesing as ‘n revolusie te bestempel.

    Dit gesê, Sarah het ‘n baie goeie stuk geskryf. Daar is inderdaad ‘n reuse probleem met misdaad. Die TRC het grotendeels in sy doel gefaal, en ‘n klomp onvoltooide besigheid agtergelaat. Was dit wys dat ‘n biskop die proses lei? Die land het pragtig daarin geslaag om een korrupte spul met ‘n ander bondel te verander … same shit, different color!

  11. Annie ek het die mail na n klomp mense gestuur, so ek hoop net dat daai mense dit ook aanstuur. As almal dit aanstuur sal soveel mense moontlik hiervan weet.

  12. Emil: Biltong is goed vir kinders wat tande sny.
    Die hele gedoente oor wie het wat gedoen raak vir my soms holrug gery.
    Party keer dink ek ons in SA is soos mense wat wonder vir ure hoekom die wiel pap is. Dalk is dit tyd om op te hou wonder oor die pap wiel en liewer die ding regmaak en voort reis.

  13. Demoerin en Emil is doodreg, mens kan nie die blaam op een mens sit nie. Ons kan wel die blaam op een ras sit.
    SA is oppad om ‘n groter fokop as die res van afrika te word. Ek wonder of dit ook apartheid se skuld is dat die hele afrika so ‘n gemors is.

    Ek wag vir die dag wat Emil vir ons iets skryf oor hoekom die hele Afrika so fokop is, ek is seker daar sal meer verskonings in wees as in die waterkloof 4 se appèl aansoek.

  14. Om te sê dis een ras se skuld KLINK grof gestel…maar ek wonder hoe mens dit anders KAN sê? Mmmm…

  15. Jammer Ricky, maar dit is darem nou die belaglikste stelling wat ek in langtyd gehoor het. Al die burgers in die land dra skuld oor die huidige situasie.

  16. Ricky is reg, dit is een ras se skuld – die Europeërs s’n, veral die blanke sendelinge wat destyds Afrika begin kolonialiseer het 😉

    Ricky, onthou jy die vuurvliegie? Wel, daar is ook nog die tsetsi-vlieg 😉 Ek dink die meeste van Afrika se “probleme” (soos beskou vanuit ‘n Westerse beskouing) is te blameer op die tsetsi-vlieg. O ja … en kolonialisme, as mens Mugabe wil glo.

  17. Rickylouw
    Daar is in alle groeperings en rasse mense wat goed en sleg is. Mens moet net soms jou vooroordeel effe opsy sit en na die werklikheid kyk en dit onderskei vir wat dit is.

    Alle groepe in Suid-Afrika het mens wat wil he dit moet werk en g@tvol is vir die misdaad, om die waarheid te se daar is meer van die ander bevolkings groepe wat onder misdaad en swak regering lei as ek en jy.

    Noem maar net die afgelope Olimpiese spele in Sjina en almal oe en aa oor hoe wonderlik dit was en goed georganiseerd. Maar as jy na Sjina kyk in die geheel is daar baie min mense wat voordeel trek uit hulle finasiele vooruitgang, die meeste kripeer nog en is arm, vrek arm, daar is nie werk vir almal nie, Hulle mense regte rekord is een van die slegste in die huidige werelds bestel.

    Hoekom verwys ek na Sjina, omdat hulle eers onlangs begin moderniseer het en begin vooruitgang toon het. Maar is nog in wese ‘n kommunisteiese bestel en alles word eur die staat beheer.

    In Suid-Afrika is die huidige regering nes ‘n hond wat ‘n Bus jaag en as hy hom die dag vang weet hy nie wat om daarmee te doen nie want die kennis en dissipline ontbreek. Hulle is die meeste ook tydens die Apertheid era aan die gebruike van kommunisme en sosialisme blootgestel wat in wese ‘n bol nonsens is.

    Om hulle en ander op te voed en te leer vat tyd. Wees eerder vir jou Oupa vies wat hom die skape laat oppas het eerder as hom behoorlik te onderig en te leer.

    Dan begin jy die naaste aan jou help om te verander en te leer dat opbou en na ander omsien en vir die toekoms beplan beter is as afbreek en verwoes..

  18. Ricky ek stel voor jy lees die boek “Scramble for Africa”.

  19. Ja toe ek met sowat twee posts basies dieselfde gese het as Sarah toe word ek gestenig.

    Emil:Dankie Here vir die destydse Europese koloniale beleid, dit het veroorsaak dat ek gebore en geleef het in die mooisye land op aarde, dat ek die Afrika son op my vel kon voel.Ag almal weet hoe lekker dit hier is.Ek is `n trotse boorling en Afrikaner van my koloniale voorsate.Die dinge het so met `n groter doel gebeur. Im here to stay.

    Ja een man kan nie die skuld vir alles dra nie.So ook soos Sarah se , se ek so kon Sadam Hoesein, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler en baie andere ook.

    Mense, mense, mense julle loop met oogklappe op julle oe.Sarah en andere probeer julle oe open maar ja daar staan mos geskrywe “niemand is so blind soos hy wat nie wil sien nie.

  20. Brein, is eintlik my punt. As mens dan nou wil vinger wys, kan ons seker teruggaan tot Adam en Eva, en Eva vir ALLES blameer … maar dis verspot.

    Oogklappe 😕 Nee jong, die realiteite is daar om te sien. Mandela is 80 jaar oud, en so ook was PW. Dit is eensydig om die blaam vir die hele affêre op enige van die twee se skouers te plaas, of selfs FW, soos baie graag wil doen. Dit is dan nou net so dat mense onthou word vir hoe hulle gelewe het … en almal weet dis eintlik die oorwinnaars wat die geskiedenis skrywe.

  21. Hoor my lied: jul praat uit een mond: die POLITIEKE LEIERS van die wereld is te blameer en hul werk net vir geld, maar aan die ander kant: wie kies hulle! Ons.
    So, wie dra die blaam?
    ek stem vir die safeSA inisiatief. los blaam, en help OPLOSSINGs vind.

  22. Thanks Prok

    Sommer bo-aan die blad geplaas as ‘n “clickable link”

  23. Ek stem saam Prok, as dit by stemmery kom stem baie van ons mense glad nie. As almal saam staan en stem vir die regte party (regte party???) sal dinge moontlik verander of hoe.

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